Worried about PoSH compliance? Here is all that you need to know

Following steps are to be taken to ensure compliance:
  • STEP I: Setting up an Internal Committee along with finding a reliable and responsible external member for the IC
  • STEP II: Providing continuous trainings and awareness programs to all students, employees, IC members and Executive Authority/Higher Educational Institution
  • STEP III: Managing complaints efficiently within the prescribed time frame
  • STEP IV: Maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information of the complaints
Further, in order to create a healthy and safe workplace in compliance with the POSH Act, here are the dos and don’ts:
Dos :
  1. Formulation of Prevention of Sexual Harassment(POSH) Policy at workplace aligned with the prevailing POSH law;
  2. Constitution of Internal Committee (IC) at each location to help in redressal of complaints;
  3. Create an effective complaints redressal mechanism/procedure /protocol;
  4. Organize awareness programmes and training sessions at regular intervals for sensitizing employees on POSH;
  5. Organize capacity and skill-building programs for Internal Committee members;
  6. Publish names and contact details of the members of the Internal Committee for easy access;
  7. Display the consequences of indulging in acts of sexual harassment at conspicous places in the workplace;
  8. Take actions as per the recommendations of IC with respect to the sexual harassment cases reported at the workplace.
Don'ts :
  1. Ignore and trivialise the complaint;
  2. Threaten any of the parties with adverse consequences;
  3. Terminate the complainant or respondent right away;
  4. Leak confidential information/ privacy of concerned parties;
  5. Have pre-determined ideas and be biased towards either party;
  6. Make unreasonable delay in redressing the complaint.
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